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The only beef you should have is with BLOCK MEN BEEF.

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We’re family-owned and operated. Our independence and commitment allow us to use this to build long-lasting relationships and perfect our sustainable production methods to deliver premium products to you, our customers.

At Block Men Beef we produce the best meat possible by going back to the basics. We take care of our soil and pasture. We raise healthy, happy animals.  We humanely slaughter and process the meat under strict Halaal conditions to ensure quality and ethics.

Importantly, we never add any hormones or antibiotics to our feed, which means it’s safer for you while producing a better flavor and more consistent marbling.

What Sets Us Apart

At BLOCK MEN BEEF, our unyielding commitment to quality is found in our:


Chef Quality

Approach to Chef Quality approval on food products


Ethically Raised

Safer for you while exhibiting better flavor and more consistent marbling.


Pursuit of the Best

Pursuit of a best in class Sustainability Breeding Policy


100% Halaal

All our meats are 100% Halaal certified and slaughtered under strict guidelines

Know your meat

Your kitchen counters are not the only marble in your cooking prep.

Knowing the grading and cuts of your Angus and Wagyu including the Triple-A Beef means you can buy with confidence and clarity to turn out a great meal. Learn about marbling, cut definitions, and kitchen tips below for your premium BLOCK MEN BEEF products.


Best butchery in Kwa Zulu Natal. High-quality meat with very superior service. It's for the quality-conscious customer. They offer value-added services like smoking your ribs. Whatever else you may require

Beverly Appalsamy

Step into the world of quality and Visit our Store!

For your maximum safety when shopping with us, we are compliant with the COVID19 protocols of social distancing and sanitising when entering the store. Our handling and packaging already meets the critical standards of safety required for safe consumption.

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